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I live in Lakewood, Colorado with my wonderful wife Tammy and three fine children Aaron, Becky and Cate. I'm an electrical engineer by education, but worked as a software developer for about 20 years. I recently took a promotion to full time care giver, but will likely return to the grind once the kids are a little older. I coach basketball, sing in two different church choirs, tutor mathematics and physics at a local high school, and spend what other time I can find pursuing home improvement projects and several pet software projects.

Fixed Image List Algorithm (FILA)
A backtrack algorithm for solving tiling problems.

I've designed a new backtrack algorithm for solving tiling problems that I call fixed image list algorithm (FILA). The algorithm is flexible in that it supports various ordering heuristics.1 By using a heuristic that always selects the first open cell, … Continue reading
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Optimal Play of the Farkle Dice Game

I sent a link to my previous blog post on the optimal play of Farkle to Professor Todd Neller, at Gettysburg College. (I thought he might be interested in it since it was largely based on his previous analysis of … Continue reading
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Maximizing Win Probability in the Game of Farkle

Image by Matt Busche using modified povray source by Piotr Borys Neller and Presser modeled a simple dice game called pig as a Markov Decision Process (MDP) and used value iteration to find the optimal game winning strategy1. Inspired by … Continue reading
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Tracking the States of a Set of Objects by PartitionAn Introduction to the Partition Container

In this post I share a useful programming technique I first saw used twenty-some years ago while reading through some C code. The technique combined aspects of an array and a linked-list into a single data construct. I've here abstracted … Continue reading
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Solving Polyomino and Polycube Puzzles Algorithms, Software, and Solutions

Image by Matt Busche I've implemented a set of backtrack algorithms to find solutions to various polyomino and polycube puzzles (2-D and 3-D puzzles where you have to fit pieces composed of little squares or cubes into a confined space). … Continue reading
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Matt’s Double Octagon Deck (Part 1)

For ten years I've thought about replacing the decrepit deck behind my house. I wanted to do something unique to appease my sinful pride. This was the initial concept sketch for my deck consisting of two 15 foot diameter octagons … Continue reading
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Crooked Dice in Facebook Super Farkle?

I modified my Zilch strategy generation software to model the scoring rules for the Super Farkle game available at Facebook. I wasn’t previously a Facebook user so I created my account just to try out my strategy. Over several days, … Continue reading

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Maximizing Expected Scores in the Game of Zilch

Image by Thunderchild7 Zilch is a fun little dice game codified into an online game by Gaby Vanhegan that can be played at Zilch is actually a variation of the game Farkle which goes by several other names including … Continue reading
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