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Maximizing Win Probability in the Game of Farkle

Image by Matt Busche using modified povray source by Piotr Borys Neller and Presser modeled a simple dice game called pig as a Markov Decision Process (MDP) and used value iteration to find the optimal game winning strategy1. Inspired by … Continue reading
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Tracking the States of a Set of Objects by PartitionAn Introduction to the Partition Container

In this post I share a useful programming technique I first saw used twenty-some years ago while reading through some C code. The technique combined aspects of an array and a linked-list into a single data construct. I've here abstracted … Continue reading
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Solving Polyomino and Polycube Puzzles Algorithms, Software, and Solutions

Image by Matt Busche I've implemented a set of backtrack algorithms to find solutions to various polyomino and polycube puzzles (2-D and 3-D puzzles where you have to fit pieces composed of little squares or cubes into a confined space). … Continue reading
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Matt’s Double Octagon Deck (Part 1)

For ten years I've thought about replacing the decrepit deck behind my house. I wanted to do something unique to appease my sinful pride. This was the initial concept sketch for my deck consisting of two 15 foot diameter octagons … Continue reading
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Crooked Dice in Facebook Super Farkle?

I modified my Zilch strategy generation software to model the scoring rules for the Super Farkle game available at Facebook. I wasn’t previously a Facebook user so I created my account just to try out my strategy. Over several days, … Continue reading

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Maximizing Expected Scores in the Game of Zilch

Image by Thunderchild7 Zilch is a fun little dice game codified into an online game by Gaby Vanhegan that can be played at Zilch is actually a variation of the game Farkle which goes by several other names including … Continue reading
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