The Rules of Farkle
BEGIN A player's turn begins by rolling six six-sided dice.
SCORING The dice in a roll can be worth points either individually or in combination. If any points are available from the roll, the player must set aside some or all of those scoring dice, adding the score from those dice to their point total for the turn.
TO BANK OR NOT TO BANK After setting aside at least one scoring die from a roll, the player may either reroll the remaining dice to try for more points or may bank all the points they've accumlated this turn which ends their turn.
MINIMUM DEPOSIT There is usually a minimum banking score (typically 300 points) which must be reached each turn before a player can bank.
FARKLING If no dice in a roll score, then the player loses all points accumulated this turn and their turn is ended. This is called a farkle, a sorrowful event indeed.
HOT DICE If all dice in a roll score, the player gets to continue his turn with all six dice. This is called hot dice (or sometimes a free roll) and is guaranteed to brighten your day.
PRESSING YOUR LUCK A player may continue rolling again and again accumulating ever more points until he either decides to bank those points or loses them all to a farkle.
TRIPLE FARKLE If a player ends three consecutive turns with a farkle, they not only lose their points from the turn but also lose 500 points from their banked game score. (This is the only way to lose banked points.) After losing points in this way, the player's consecutive farkle count is reset to zero so they're safe from another such penalty for at least three more turns.
END The game ends when one player's score has a reached a winning total (usually 10,000 points). In some rule variants, other players are offered a final turn.